Last Friday Night

I am posting this because March is fast forthcoming and that basically means, it's almost the end of my current team and I am definitely gonna miss this part. What I am blabbing about is our Friday Night Shirt theme with my colleagues and team mates in the current account. On the next month, we don't know where and what team are we gonna end up with so as early as now, I want to show that this had made my work more amusing - the people, environment and the fun support. Change in this type of work is very inevitable, all we have to do is to accept and keep on moving on to life. Anyway, almost three years on this technical account has made my time on the call center planet a pleasing journey indeed.

Going back, it all started in January when one night, I guess five of my team mates had the same shirt color. Then the rest is history and we are now successfully bringing out every shade which we just like to show off on every Friday shift.

I haven't been absent, not even one since this kind of thing had started. I must say this has made me look forward to Fridays aside from rest days. Because of it, I can always say Thank God It's Friday.

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