Photoshoot Session at Oslob's Ancient Cuartel

From Calin-Ay Falls, we went straight to Oslob's Cuartel, actually we ate lunch at a local restaurant/carenderia in the said town's market place. We all loved the viand they call halang-halang, it was a mixture of some noodles with meat.

After lunch, we headed to the town's famous landmark called Cuartel. I bet I had already blogged about it before. To read story, click here. Let me just share a brief history about the place:
The unique structure was build through the effort of El Gran Maestro Don Marcos for spanish armies but was halted during the arrival of americans in 1899. The coral stones used for its construction came from remnants of the collapsed floor of the church bell tower. The walls of the structure which measure 19 centimeters thick still stand. The facade built of coral stones features a double row of arches.
The Cuartel was renovated a few years ago and ever since, it has started to attract travelers as well. The nice thing about this is it is just facing the open sea, there's a beautiful sight at night as per the residents. The place has a huge ground as well which is perfect for picnics. Aside from the beautiful sight, you don't have to worried about the heat of the sun during picnics, there are large trees on the area which gives shade to visitors. The area is airy as well since it is near the shore lines. 

The ambiance was perfect for photo-shoot and so we revealed our talents, check the photos below:

Jump shots! We really had enjoyed taking these shots... it was priceless!
Cuartel's views
Indeed we enjoyed the sessions the entire time, we were all laughing our hearts out with every funny poses we made and those 'kilig' ones as well. 
Being with someone you love is the most  precious moment in life...

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