Where Were You During the Earthquake in Cebu?

photo from Facebook
SM Cebu is in the currently closing their business as of this writing because of the earthquake which occurred a few minutes ago.

James and I were both merrily eating our french fries and chocolate sundae at Jollibee when we noticed the sudden shake from where we were seated. I looked up the glass windows and saw the outside car reflection, it was shaking terribly. I didn't feel any fear at all, thinking it was just a normal shake but the people outside the fast food were already running towards the exit doors. Actually, there were some who had used the entrance doors as well.

The earthquake lasted for I guess almost two minutes. When we were on our way outside the mall, there's a woman who was shouting for her life. Hundreds of customers and employees were already outside, texting and calling their loved ones. It made me send a "kumusta" message to my family in Bohol and friends in Cebu. James on the other hand, sent a message to her mom in Oslob and she replied they are all okay there.

We went back in after the quake because we still have some unfinished business. After were done, we went to a ticketing booth to get our Supercat round trip tickets to Bohol but they were on lunch break. We went up to the third floor to get some eyes on some camera bags. Before we could take a look at one, we noticed that the sales ladies were already closing their stalls. Covering their goods too then we heard that SM is just preparing for any aftershock that might occur so they were cancelling their business for today.

We then went out and went home. When will they resume, I don’t really know. Then I just realized that Cebu City is in chaos while on the road going home, traffic was all over the city. Check this video posted by one of my Facebook friends…

Everyone be safe...

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