Visited Cebu's Plaza Independencia At Last

It was not so long ago when I had shared my experienced at the World's Largest Floating Book Fair, the Logos Hope. The truth is, before James and I visited the huge ship, we were at Plaza Independencia taking some photos of the area. That was our first time together at the vicinity though we had been passing by it whenever we need to go to the port area. I was amazed because the area is quiet clean now and there were guards roaming around, blowing their whistles whenever somebody steps on the green Bermuda grasses.

There are a lot of changes I should say after the great renovation made a year ago, I can't really remember when the renovation had started and ended. All I know is, this place has a new look, a new face. More beautiful and more accommodating. Cleaner and greener. The area has been a place for events and gatherings as well, in fact, last year's Mass Wedding was held in there.

Though there were things that I guess stayed in it. See years ago way back in my college years, I would pass by the plaza whenever I go to Bohol. There are hundreds of people inside the place, I would sometimes visit it to kill time, most of the time I am alone and all I do is to watch people do their businesses. I saw families on their mats for a picnic. There were street children asking for alms and a lot of commoners laughing their hearts out. But love birds dominated the place and this had remained. 

The only thing that I can maybe suggest is to place the seats near the trees because on afternoons, most people would need shade but the seats are really hot that visitors would rather seat on grasses than on the cemented seats. Unfortunately, stepping or sitting on grasses is prohibited.

The Cebu's Plaza Independencia had been a favorite place for families to take a break and lovers to meet mostly on weekends where everyone is free to spend time with each others company.

More photos of Cebu Plaza Independencia at my photomists blog. Click the <<link>>.

Plaza Independencia is situated in front of Fort San Pedro, open from 6AM to 10 PM Mondays to Fridays, and 5 AM to 12 AM on weekends.

Bring an umbrella, fan, water, some food and camera with you if you would like to visit the place. Best visited with friends and family!

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