Memorable 24th Birthday

Memorable - I considered my 24th birthday as a memorable one aside from it being special because of the people who had made me very happy that day. First off, I am grateful for those who had greeted me before until the end of that beautiful day. I turned 24 last January 31, 2012. To my parents and brothers who sent me some messages and greetings, to my Manoy Steven who called straight from UAE just to ask me how old I am, he was really silly! To James, who had cooked me my favorite Adobo, aside from that, he treated me to Greenich, for my favorite pizza, pasta and lasagna. Thank you is not enough to thank him with the efforts.

Next are my colleagues and friends at work. They had made a super touching thing the night of my birthday. See, they bought me an Angelica chocolate cake. Though I was not able to blow the candle because we were at work and we were afraid the smoke detector might alarm the people inside the vicinity, I was still very happy because of the great surprise. Aside from that, they had agreed to wear red that night as a sign of my birthday! It was a coincidence that I brought with me my red jacket too! Woah! Here are the photos from the event:

preparing for the picture taking.. thanks much for my cake!
Team Red for my birthday! Thank you guys!
Me with team red!
it's more fun to eat cake!
To my Wetpaint best-friends, Tonio, mama bear and Jufni, thank you thank you guys! To Michelle, I really missed her, she was my first ever friend here in Cebu way back before college, during the DOST training days, she was really approachable and accommodating. I love her and I am thankful that she had not forgotten my birthday.

To all my Facebook friends who even if I had changed my birth date in Facebook, had never forgotten my special day. I would consider them as true friends because of that. I could not write all of their names here but thank you thank you so much! I really appreciated your greetings.
To my Skype buddies, thank you for the greetings, to those forum sites which had sent me email greetings too, thank you! 

And most specially, to my Lord and Savior, thank you Father for giving me another year of joy, blessings and challenges. Thank you for the air that I breath and for giving me new hope every morning. I gave back all the glory and honor to you my God! 

More photos:
Greenich Meal...
Lasagna my love!

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