Iron Man 2 and the sleepy head?

Got two free tickets from my company as a reward for job well done and was reserved for the awaiting movie of the month which is Iron man 2. Was quiet excited to see this movie, first plan was to watch it on friday, the actual screening day, unfortunately, I had duty that night so we cancelled it and dated on saturday. On Saturday, we thought the Ayala cinemas will be overcrowded because it is saturday and people loves to go around on that day. So we cancelled it again and then Sunday came, were very lazy to get up so just decided to have it on monday then. Mostly of my friends were able to watch it already. Facebook status were already about Tony Stark and the other ironed man,haha. But on Monday, news came in that the Yellow team has an upcoming free concert called Rock the Vote at Fuente OsmeƱa. We then have agreed to watch that free concert since there are numbers of filipino bands who will be playing, including Parokya ni Edgar, Kamekazi, Christian Bautista and alot more. But we ended up staying at home, we were not able to watch the show. Then on Tuesday, my boyfriend had a scheduled interview with this company named IRL Solutions. Not knowing, the boss was actually a foreigner. I am not sure if he is Italian or Mexican, he is just short and he is nice. My boyfriend said they get a long "daw". Well, moving on, after the interview, we decided to go to Ayala and watch the movie since it is one ride away from our spot.
We went straight to the Cinemas and get our tickets, we paid additional Php 20.00 per ticket since our selected seats were those at the upper deck which costs Php 160.00. We also bought two regular apple and mango Thristy drinks and a Php 75.00 worth popcorn. We entered Cinema 2 at 3:30 pm. The movie started I guess around 3:45pm. I was just entertained with Tony Stark who was hilarious. I was not able to view the thriller of this movie actually so I did not expect that Scarlett Johanson was part of the story already. I would always see her sexy, anyways, the story was US Government wants Tony to surrender his Iron Man suit to them, Tony himself would not allow that of course. Government's reason is because it is a weapon for destruction and that it might be harmful to the community, this was also seconded by Hammer, his competitor who had joined forces with Ivan, a Russian physicist who hate Iron Man because he thinks the idea was stolen from his father by Iron man's dad.
The story went through and when the fight scene came in, my sleepy head also started to show out. I don't know why, eventhough the sounds of the fight was very noisy I was still able to sleep so soundly. It seemed like a lullaby to my ears. Well, good thing I did not sleep the whole time, I was still able to get back to the movie, I caught the next scene where Tony, his friend and Ivan were already fighting, I was not sure here...why Tony's friend, the military one was able to wear the suit. I could also remember he was not the original man from the first movie.
Well, we went home at 6:00pm so it was actually a two and a half movie. I still slept in the jeepney going home, thanks to James for the shoulder! Mwaah! 

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