Happy Anniversary Wave 60!

Just celebrated my first year here in Sykes Asia Inc. So happy to be working in a technical account since fluentness of the foreign language is not a necessity though it is important. I love my wavemates, I love our bond and I also love the respect we show to each other. Originally, we were 20 as a full wave, as of now, we are only nine left. Two of us were transferred to a different team but we still keep in touch through gmail or outlook.

Just to mention, if I could still remember, my wave mates were Kevin Pulvera, the first one to resign the very first night we took calls for the main reason that his customers were much more knowledgeable than him. I could not remember who were the next to resign or to go on AWOL but we had Nikolai, forgot his last name, I believe he is still studying today, we had EJ, Houer Baduel, this guy is really unique, I could not forget his line when he asked the customer "Sir, can I hold you?" instead of "Can I place you on hold, Sir?", good thing that was just when we were doing our rehearsal with a teammate and not with an actual customer. Next was Voj De Guzman, this was the sleepy head of the group, this is primarily because he was still going to school at STI in the morning and works at night, one instant where in I could not forget him was when he was documenting his call and suddenly, I just noticed there was a continuous beep by a keyboard, looking back since I was just seating beside his station, I found out he was actually sleeping. His document page was already full o letter 'A'. We also had the fashionista gal, Tina. I could not forget her star tattoos around her waist. She is sexy and the reason she resigned was because of family problems. Next was Jeansen Dianne Torre, a Boholana like me, she went on absent without leave, she was sick that time and was not able to call in for two days, she was then shy to go back to work and just let it be that way. We had Louella Jane as well, we call her Lae. She was so fond of this Korean guy named Heartbreaker, I am not sure but it sounded like that. I just love his shoes anyway, hehe. She was the one who gives us updates about the group of Sandara, the 21 girls. Next was Aya, a very outrageous lad, I believe she was the most experienced wave mate I knew. She had worked in Convergys, in a callcenter in manila and one in IT Park as well. She was also a Prodigal daughter and just like me, she was a daddy's girl. I believe she is now in Manila working as a callcenter agent still. We also had Mark from Tellecare, he was a bisexual and was a kind of a "mahangin". Well, I just let him be like that when we were seatmates and I thank him, I really learned many things about the job. We had John as well, a registered nurse from Cebu Doctors' University. He also had worked in Convergys before and he need to resign because his granny was ill and he needed to attend her. On facebook, I had found out that he was a music lover, cool side of him. We had Dyreen, Ilongga, she was so cute that you will be surprised when you ask her her age. The first time we met, I thought she was 17 or 18 but found out she was already 26 and is married. Shocking really, it looked like I am older than her. The special thing about her was that she has been into a relationship for five or seven years, I guess but ended up breaking with that guy and then got married with another guy whom she has been for seven months only. Super!! I would not forget Mercy as well, also a Boholana. She was the Miss Friendship of the group because she had earned a lot of friends on the floor. She had a great crush on this guy named Alberto and we would always tease her about him. Well, she had a bad experience though and was the reason why she had to leave the account. But, as I can see, she is happy and contented with her work today. We had Bern Angulo as well, the small but terrible licensed engineer of the team. We get along so well with this man, he has a girlfriend who is also a Boholana so we talk much about her and Bohol. He was a cool guy, he had been a top agent and was good in taking calls for me. The reason why he resigned was because of the financial side. Well, as of now, he is with Convergys already and supporting Windows 7 account.

So those were the teammates who went on their ways, so the persons left are, yours truly, Tanya Mae Pinili, Daryl Gapor, Reggy Sultan, Kyle Magallano, Malvin Kim Diaz, Evan Marie Penzon and Loreto Gaerlan. Happy Anniversary guys! Way to go... Looking forward to more years together!!!

Here is our first picture as a whole wave:

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