Limited Paypal Account?

I am recently having problems with paypal. I could not withdraw money from it and it is because Paypal says my account is limited. They need me to send out billing statements which I am afraid I can't give because I am only renting here and my billing address for Smartbro has not yet been changed. Now, I am searching for other people's experiences, I have read soo many negative things about paypal. I am afraid my money will be stucked with paypal now. I could never imagine that.

This is the exact message I get when I signed in with my account:

Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s):
Our system requires further account verification.

(Your case ID for this reason is PP-000-946-880-189.)

The things I can only do for this type of account are:

- receive payments
- place logos into your auction listings or on your website
- update your account information

Only! Those are the only things that I can do with my account as of this time, I can't send or withdraw money. I can't even delete the cards associated with my account. 

Reading back with paypal's requirements in order to resolved the limitations, I need to confirm my credit card and submit proof of address. And to confirm my address, I need to send them a copy of a bill that shows my name and address. Helpful documents include a utility bill, a cell phone bill, an insurance bill, or a tuition bill. As of this time, the only bill that I can secure is my smartbro billing statement, however, I recently moved to another location and my billing address has not been changed yet. So what should I do?

Dead air - I could not think of anyway to get rid of this limitation. I tried clicking on the resolve button for the limitation appeal, I have found out that there are actually two other alternative ways to provide info. They are to confirm my bank account and to confirm location. And to get the first alternative option done, I must reenter another bank account which I guess I can't do anymore. When I selected the other alternative option which is to confirm location, they would prompt me with a system unavailable error and I need to try again. I can't anymore count how many times I have appealed to try again but I am still getting that same error message. So I will just quit and try tomorrow.

I am so frustrated now that I think am gonna burst, I need the money in few weeks time. If ever you have experienced the same situation, I would greatly appreciate it if you would spend time and leave a comment here and help me with this problem. Thanks in advance! 

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