Google features Pac-man's 39th Anniversary

Today, google features the all time game Pac-man in their homepage because it is Pac-man's 30th anniversary. So this game is already three decades old, it is older than me actually. When I opened, I was strucked to the graphic picture on the page, and it was the normal pacman game screen with the google word on it. I was surprised then when it started to move. It was actually a Pacman interactive game onscreen, surprising huh? So I had played a couple of game sets but I never won. I was always eaten up by those little monsters who takes time to turn blue.

Going back to history, Pac-man is an arcade game developed by Namco. It was released in Japan on May 22, 1980. It has been universally considered as one of the classic and the most famous game of all time.

Going back to basics, the player controls Pac-man, that yellow smiley like thing through the maze while eating pac-dots, after eating all of them, Pac-man will be taken to the next stage. There are four monsters in the maze, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Follow through the picture below: 

They would roam to catch Pac-man and if a monster touches pac-man, a life is lost. However, those monsters also has weakness, they turn blue when Pac-man eats power pellets and during this time, Pac-man has the ability to eat those monsters. They turn white first before going back to their normal states. The game is pretty simple it is just a matter of controlling the cursor or the joysticks. This is a simple game yet an exciting one. As for me, I would always scream when those monsters are already running after Pac-man when I play. This is the most enjoyable part because it has thrills on it. 

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