29 Chinese Children Killed

Was shocked with the news on yahoo about the man who stabbed 29 children at a kindergarten in China. The crime took place in Taixing, China and the suspect was an ex-salesman in a local insurance company named Xu Yuyuan, 47 year old who was fired in 2001 and is still unemployed today. He was concieved to have some kind of mental illness and was sought to be copying this kind of act with existing cases before.

Witnesses say the suspect was stopped by a delivery man through a fire extinguisher. Later part of the news would state that China's cases of mental health disorders are increasing and too bad there were no professional help to those eventhough their country is a prosperous one. 

This kind of crime was not new actually to them, there were already cases before with same nature. I don't know what are the reasons of this cruel killings to poor little children who are surely innocents but whatever the reason might be, surely it is not valid and unacceptable.

May the children's souls rest in peace and hopefully they will be given justice. The suspect must be given the corresponding sanction to what he has done. China must give attention to this kind of case and do the right move to stop this.

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>> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100430/ap_on_re_as/as_china_students_attacked

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