Team Building Day 1

May 8, 2010 - Team Building day, each of us was really excited for the beach. I already told you that instead of going to Bantayan, we changed it to Alcoy, Cebu.

At exactly six in the morning, everyone was already out of the office, there were assigned committees and each had corresponding responsibilities with the said event. We were 14 as a team but there were outsiders who came, so we were all in all 23. We had agreed to meet at the South Bus Terminal at 9:30 in the morning. James and I were the first to come at the terminal, followed by Loreto and Reggy who brought the big box which contained our drinks. And the others also arrived a couple of minutes then. Unfortunately, we were not able to percieve the weight of the people who were also going home in the province, knowing Election day is on monday. Well, anyway, we were able to ride on the Ceres Bus at 11:00 in the morning, imagine that? We were at the bus terminal for three hours waiting for an available bus. It was not the only frustrating thing that happened, when we went out of the terminal, the bus routed to their garage to get more fuel and it took almost 30 minutes for us to get out of the place. 

We were able to arrive first at the Tingko Resort at 2:00 in the afternoon. The resort was kinda not that beautiful and the facilities were not so appealing. The beach had a lot of dead seaweeds in the shore, I don't know why they didn't clean that out. Well, in fairness, there were a couple of people there ahead of us. We looked for some other resorts in the neighborhood since all of us did not like that resort. So we moved to El Paradiso, a walking distance from the Tinko resort and we ate our lunch there.

Just to give you a bit of the place, there was a pool which was not that big, we were not amazed with it actually. There was a bar in there, we bought some ice where costs Php 2 each. The place was a wifi hotspot but you need to purchase Php 50 worth of stuffs before you can have the password,err. There were many cottages at the place, more of those are residential cottages, there were also foreighners at the place. We hit the beach that time, there were still dead sea weeds floating there but we just ignored it. Until we felt our body itching. Wooah! James had really many red spots in his body so we decided to just play volleyball. That was the part where in we were enjoying the time. From four players, it went to six and then to eight, we were all laughing and shouting for the game. We ended it when we felt like taking a swim again, the boys went to the deeper part where there was a floating thing there and they were like diving and such. Then we went to the pool and good thing, it was a bit hot it took the itchyness in our bodies away. We quite enjoyed it and also, Leslie brought here camera with her which can take pictures under water. Here are some of our pictures taken:

We had a very yummy dinner, we had shrimps, squid, lechon kawali and grilled fish. That was a tasty dinner really. Thanks to the cook committee. Then most of us went to sleep then, including me. As you can see, I wrote this in the morning of May 9. I will be updating you tomorrow then for the other activities and other more photos.

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