Double date + Elm Street + KFC = good time!

We went to a double date last night at SM Cinemas. Together with James, Daryl Gapor and Tittah, we watched a scary movie entitled A Nightmare at Elm Street then we went to KFC for dinner after, that was almost 9:00 in the evening.

We were ten minutes late for the movie so we did not see the first part. However, the movie was really scary that even if it was still ten minutes running time, it has already shown scary scenes.

So, the story sorrounds about the kindergarten schoolmates who had a not so good experiences when they went to kindergarten. There was this gardener in their school named Freddie who was very close to them, especially to Nancy, I am not so sure what was that thing which he was doing to the children which had made their parents decide to burn him in a creepy room where he was hiding.

Their parents thought it was the end of their nightmares but when the children grew and went to secondary school, the nightmare started to come over again. They thought that as long as their children will not remember the things which had happened, they are already safe, however, they did not know that the ones who were hunted by the gardener were their children. The killing strategy was kinda tricky, it is when they are asleep that the killer will start his play. First murdered was this man who fell asleep in the resto together with his girlfriend, Kris. Kris was the next one as well who was already hallucinating things at school. She would try to awaken herself when she knew she is already having nightmares but then that time, she didn't wake up. She was totally killed by the gardener and next to her was the man whom she slept with the last night of her life, the guy saw everything but since he was afraid that he might be accused to killing her, he ran off to Nancy who has been also having nightmares. This guy was put on jail but then was also killed when he was inside the den. 

The story was focused on Nancy and Dion who were the last two of the children. Dion, just to make sure he will not fall asleep, takes in medicine. However Nancy don't like taking in medicine so she would often gets sleepy but still can recover from the nightmare until this time when they had decided to make the move for this thing to put to a stop. They went back to the preschool where they found Freddie's room, there they had recall the things that Freddie had done, there were pictures of Nancy, which they did not let audience to see, I am not really sure what happened at that place but there were like sketches made by Nancy. They then thought that Freddie had asked them to not tell anyone about the things that he is doing to them but turned out that they had revealed it to their parents which was the sole reason why Freddie was angry at them.

At that place, they both went asleep but they were able to conquer it and then Freddie was also killed. Nancy cut off his right hand where the metal thing was attached to and was used for the murdering and then she also cut off his neck. They then had burt out the whole place and they were able to survived.

I thought that was the last scary scene but the ending went out to be one. It was when Nancy went home and her mother also came in, they were talking when her mother had laid her things on the table and when she standed up again, it was Freddie whom Nancy was facing already and then he killed her mom and that was the end. I ended up still screaming that time. 

After watching the movie, we went straight to KFC at the second floor and ate our dinner together. It was already 9:30 in the evening when we decided to go home. Tittah had paid our fare, so nice of him/her. Hehe

Anyways, hope you too had watched that movie and if so, hoping you can drop on a comment in this post! Thanks!

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