Team Building Day 2

As promised, I will be updating you with the things that we have done during the second day of our team building at El Paradiso Resort Alcoy, Cebu. 

As for the second day, we started it with a good breakfast and we had fun with our games. We played "Pinoy Henyo" which was taken from the noontime show of GMA 7, Eat Bulaga. It was a funny game actually and we also played Charades which is really common to outings like this. Team Michelle won the two games, supposedly, there were prizes given but we already ate them before arriving at the resort, so we ended up swimming though. The sea was alluring but the itchy thing is still there. We went to a deeper part where the ramp was located, the boys had fun jumping over and diving to the sea. I was able to get there by swimming but most of the girls were not, as a solution, they rented the paddle boat which cost them Php 100 an hour. They were able to reached the ramp part but they did not get out of the paddle boat, instead they returned to the shallow portion. I also rode on the boat, in fact, we tried going to the much deeper part but the boat was so slow that in which I had thought it was better to swim by yourself, haha. 

After the sea adventure, we also went to the pool, this time, we opted to just stay in the kiddie pool since the bigger one was like sort of dirty. Good thing though was the gentleman who maintains the pool cleaned it and also increased the water in the kiddie pool, it was like jacuzzi that time. Daryl also massaged some of us, he was good with that actually, we also exchanged conversations until it reached the topic of "waxing the private parts." Funny it seems but there are really people out there who do that. Well, going back we got out of the pool when the time was already one in the afternoon and we need to eat our lunch. As usual, our food was really good. There were fried fish, grilled beef and fish, there was calamaris, my all time favorite and also chicken curie. 

Unfortunately, we were only allowed to stay up to 2:00 in the afternoon. So after lunch, we packed our things and bid goodbye. We had picture taking of course before we left. There was a funny stuff when we went out, there was a lettering at the wall of the resort, here it is:

So much about that... Well, if you want to view our team building pictures, just visit my windowslive skydrive here:

If you want to visit the place, here are some of their information: 

EL Paradiso, Guiwang, Alcoy, 6023 Cebu Philippines 
Local phone number: 032-483 9065 / 032-483 9069
Philippine Cellphone: 09082815290
International Cellphone: 00-49-15154935476

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