Team Building location changed: Alcoy Everyone?

Three days before the team building, the location was changed due to some safety problems. Instead of spending it in Bantayan Island, ( :'-( huhu Bantayan ohh bantayan!) we decided to spend it in Alcoy, Cebu. The problem with Bantayan is there are rumors that the place is not safe since election is coming up and the NPAs are active right now, they said the place has been listed as a danger zone in times of election. Well, we will not be risking ourselves of course just because the place is nice.

Anyways, moving forward, we still don't know the final resort where we will be spending the two days and one night event. We were thinking in Bodos Bamboo Bar, where there are pools also aside from the beach. Here are pictures of the place:

Here are there rooms: 


I heard the room rates were low, that's quite nice. And before I forget, the place is a wifi hotspot! I will be bringing with me my laptop so I can update you guys!

You can try and check this: 

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