EON Cyber Account, why not?

After I have read a thread about Paypal account limitation, I am now making up my mind to open up my own saving account through Union Bank. UB has this kind of account called EON  Cyber Account which is Union Bank's web-based deposit account. This will allows users to do all banking transactions in a click of a mouse. 

"A paperless bank account it is."

I have an experience with Banco de Oro wherein my boyfriend opened up an account which he can use for his Paypal transactions as well. He was able to get his card for a week, but it cost him Php 2500 to open up his account, which was slightly a pain in the pocket. And when he linked his account to Paypal, the teller at the branch seemed to not know what he was asking. Since that was my boyfriend's first time to get those kinds of statements, it took us a couple of minutes to finally get the statements of accounts, the sad thing was Paypal's code was not there on the statement. There were no descriptions on the statement that the the lady had given. What we did was we tried to compare our statements and found out that there was really a transaction made with Paypal, so he went back and spent hours to get that statement with descriptions. At last, he was able to get the code after arguing with the same lady. Wew!

Going back to the EON Cyber Account, what I mostly liked about this is that there is no minimum balance to maintain with this kind of account. Yes! As zero. The other features that this gives are:
  • It is the fastest, the most convenient way to a bank, this means, there are no more passbooks or checkbooks, no transaction slips, you can do the banking transactions, anytime, anywhere. Basically, it is an easy access.
  • It can also transfer funds from EON account to another UnionBank account or any other bank account in the Philippines. All you need to do is to specify the Bank, the account holder's name and the account number and you're all set!
  • With it, you can also pay bills on line, enter billing details with corresponding reference number and the amount to be paid and you will receive a confirmation number as a receipt for the payment made.
  • You can also make balance inquiries as easy as A-B-C.
One more good thing about this account is that it can be linked with your Paypal accounts. This kind of account has been the most used accounts by the Paypal users as per my research. 

I will be opening up an account soon as I will have a spare time. I will update you guys with my experience, check out my blog updates then.  

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