Big Bro Returns Homeland

Our eldest arrived at the Mactan Airport last Friday, April 25, 2011, seven in the evening. I was quite excited because its almost two years since he went back to Dubai and I was thinking how his little daughter would react when she would see her daddy.

Of course my mom and dad were also there and their first grand daughter. Ate Mae, Manoy's fiancée was also there. They arrived few hours before Manoy's arrival. At two o'clock, Aiesha Zaila had a quick video chat with her dad over yahoo messenger. Here are some of the photos:

She seemed to know what she was actually doing, she would clicked on the mouse, pressed on the keys and call her daddy. 

We waited at the airport at six in the evening, we were not early this time unlike before where in we waited for almost three hours because we went there too early and too excited. So we have learned our lessons but even so, we still waited for almost an hour, taking the baggage out from the airport was a long process.

Here are some of our photos at the airport:

patiently you wait... mom and dad waiting...

people at the port!

and this is how they met. Aiesha is still in shock.

then she realizes she don't know him so she cries...
After dinner, we went to Alto Pension House in Mango where we have checked in for two nights. Php 900 per night for a master bedroom is super affordable. We rented two rooms for two nights. Here is a teaser for their room:

That's it for now!!! Hehe


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