The Best Buko Pie IMHO

If you are a buko fan like me, I mean if you are that person who loves to eat coconut nut's fruit like eating it raw, eating it with it's juice and some milk on it which we call as "Butong" or even as a viand, yes in Bohol, we cook it for lunch, then you would definitely love Dumaguete's Buko Pie as well. This is so far the best buko I have ever tasted, honestly speaking. I had eaten some buko pies in SM or in some stalls in downtown and I found all of them just so-so. Dumaguete's special buko pie has just been my favorite since I first tasted it from Tanya, my colleague and is also from the city of gentle people.

Just this weekend, some of my colleagues went to Dumaguete for their team building. I grabbed the opportunity and asked one of them to buy me one box of the buko pie. She did buy one for me and I received it last night.

The good thing about it was that Janet who bought the pie placed it inside the fridge while it was waiting for me. So when I arrived, I was not able to resist it. At first, I tried to take a small piece and tasted it but later on, I just realized that I had eaten the half of the pie already. Oh my! I just can't imagine my self right that time. So this is how it looked when I arrived home:

Sorry for that guys but I can't help it. Take a closer look at the buko filling:

Opps! Found myself drooling...Smileylols...

If you happen to come to Dumaguete, make sure not to miss this mouth watering Special Buko Pie and don't forget my pasalubong too! Hehe...


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