Hot FM Ubay Ta!

I just found a new fm station to hang out to, it's Ubay's FM station. What I like about it aside from the fact that the station is from Ubay, Bohol is that I can stream and listen to it over the internet unlike the other radio stations.

Someone from facebook named Deejay Rhaine added me and informed me about it. I was skeptical about it at first but since he was from Bohol, then I just checked out the site []. I didn't believe at first that the person who added me was in fact the DJ himself. I attempted to greet myself and viola! He actually did and that was just the start! Haha... Well, since the radio station is new, the listeners aren't that many yet and its an advantage because whenever I would request a song or greet someone, DJ Rhaine would do as well. 

If you are from Bohol, please support Ubay's Hot FM station. On the radio, tune in to 102.3. 

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