Masking My Domain Name: Important But Not Urgent?

First things first, allow me to thank Jacqueline Vestil for reminding me about this important matter which I considered not urgent before. So here's the story, it was like last year I noticed that when I type in in the browser's address bar, instead of navigating to my blog's homepage, this will redirect me to GoDaddy's parking page which was kinda not good. I know it was a very important thing but on my tablet where my link is being stored in the history, accessing it isn't an issue. So I had forgotten all about it until the fifth of March this year. So much thankful to Jak2 for reminding me and not just that, she had given me the link on how to make it accessible on either typing right away or which is called masking in GoDaddy's terms.

So how to do it? Simply follow these steps:

► Log in to your Account Manager

► In the My Products section, click Domain Manager

► Select the domain name you want to forward. Click Forward, and then select Forward Domain

► Select http:// or https:// depending on your server settings. For more information, see HTTP vs. HTTPS.  In the Forward to field, enter the URL you want to forward your domain name to. Hit OK.

 ► And we're all set! NOTE: Forwarded domain names can take up to 24-48 hours to activate.

Issue Resolved with 100% Issue Resolution status.

Refer here for further options!


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