Have I told you guys that I am a slumbook/autograph addict before way back in my grade school and secondary years? I mean I am still addicted to those cute stuffs but I just stopped purchasing those things since our former house helper burned all my most treasured things like those slum books, stationary, friends' letters, and those love letters. I can't imagine her burning them all since they were placed inside a very pleasing and neat plastic box. It broke my heart when I went home and not a single thing was left, so broken hearted imagining my six to seven years of collection items burned without any reason. My mom was also affected that she ended up firing out that house helper. I felt really bad about it that I ended up discouraged on collecting them.

BUT! When I came to read thecreativedork's article about the "Akala mo lang wala nang slumbook, pero meron, meron, meron!" NOTEBOOK/SLUMBOOK: The Tanso Edition, the "girly" side of me seemed to waken up. Out of a sudden, my love for slum-books came rushing down on me and I found myself viewing it's images and all I knew that night was "I WANT to get one". I badly need one and bring back that unexplainable spirit in me.

To help you visualize the slumbook, I grabbed some of their facebook photos:

The Front Cover
some empty pages inside

nice binding huh? :)

just some random lovely question.. ♥

My slumbooks before were the traditional girly ones, those that has a variety of colors on it and that the questions were all in English. Knowing there is this Tagalog slumbook is a pleasure and unique in a way. It's binding is also sturdy and that I can feel it will lasts for a lifetime. Thanks to Witty Will Save the World, Co. for this huge lovely creation!

I checked how I can get it and immediately sent them out an sms. What's so cool about it is the humor of the admin who manages and maintains their facebook page. Instant reply was what I received from them. I paid just today and is hopeful to receive it in two to seven business days. Now I am starting to list down the people who will be filling it up. I am also excited to read their answers! 

I'll update you once I receive it. Oh so excited! 


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