Taking A Bath Right After Eating Is Dangerous To Your Digestive System???

For so long, I have been wondering if this is true or not. James says it is true because in doing so, there is some kind of delays in digesting the food that you have taken in.  His former Italian boss believes on it, he is a boxer and a swimmer at the same time. On the other hand, my mom doesn't actually believe it's bad and I had lived my life taking shower after eating my meal without feeling something not normal.

I tried searching on the internet to end my doubts but I ended up more confused. Some say it isn't actually bad at all, it may be a myth or something, most say it is just a folk belief but others say something about the digestive track which will be affected when we take a bath and causes the indigestion. Now, this needs medical explanation ASAP!

Before confronting a doctor or any medically inclined individual, I decided to ask some my friends and some of my colleagues as well.

"My lola advises me about it too, but I would still take a bath after eating, so far everything's good."

Miss Caryl:

"I am used to taking a bath before eating, it has been a habit but someone told me that if you do so, the water temperature bloats your stomach, but I can't say I believe on it it's just that I am used to taking a bath before taking a meal. :)"

"The body would start burning the food that was eaten so it tends to warm up the body, most specially the tummy part. If one will take a bath, the change of temperature will cause the digestive system to not function well, this is definitely true."

"I have read it somewhere that during eating, the body warms up to burn what you eat, if you take a bath, the change of temperature will cause the pores to widen thus will let air or water come inside giving you some sort of unknown abnormalities to the skin and the digestion. This however will not result right away. "

Just yesterday, we talked to Dr. Noy Puaso about it. According to Doc Noy:
"There is no medical explanation of it being true. This has been a folk belief from our ancestors and most of the Filipinos are actually buying it. However, there is nothing wrong if you believe it or not."

There you go so we are clear now, there isn't anything wrong about taking a bath after eating. So those who are afraid to take a bath after eating, worry no more because the digestive system problem isn't true after all.

Hope this helps! Starting today, I can eat and shower any order I want. Thanks Doc!


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3 Comments to “Taking A Bath Right After Eating Is Dangerous To Your Digestive System???”

  • For me, di nako permihon maligo kada human kaon ke ngano? bag.o gud ka human kaon dayon lihok pud baya basta ineg kaligo, there's a tendency for appendicitis. mao bitaw na ang ge ingon sa kaniadto pa nga bata pa ta nga neg human kaon di ta paduwaon sa gawas ke busog pa. hehehe. pwede maligo human kaon pero gai sag time gap bisag mga 15 to 30 minutes lang gud, after ana pwede naka maligo. :)

  • Actually, for me that was still a myth. The common cause of appendicitis is when a small seed (probably a seed of a tomato or chili and the like) will fall down to your appendix and then will cause inflammation. There's nothing to do with doing something right after eating. Peace! :)

  • im just wondering of it...cause everyday i use to eat and the take a bath...this really help...my questions are now answered.:))thanks a lot

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