Photowalk: Sto. Niño Church and Magellan's Cross

Since today is my rest day, James and I went for a walk at the downtown bringing with us my Sony DSC-S2000 just in case we'll be seeing some good view. The last time I went there was like history, I could hardly remember when that was. So I'm glad we had today and spent it with something we love to do. Here are some of the photos I have taken:

Philippine flag at the Cebu City Hall... i love it!

A view of Magellan's Cross...
A closer look of Magellan's Cross with some tourists...
Inside Magellan's Cross
If you're a Cebuano then you're familiar with this scene most specially if you go to Sto. Niño. This is an elderly woman praying to Sto. Niño for a guy (not included in the picture), the guy of course had given her some amount for the prayers.
just some random photo...

We went inside Sto. Niño later after quite some view in Magellan's Cross, it was eight in the morning so the sun was shining it's bright light. Even though it was sunny, the air was still refreshing and the trees had given us shade during the entire photo-walk.

This kind of street light is really appealing to me. It makes me think of the Spanish time and it looks antique and vintage.
A medium sized vintage fountain in the middle of the Sto. Niño Church's Candle area. (sorry I don't know the exact term)
We sat on a spot inside where there were lovely trees and the air was cool. We looked for a better seat when we saw this lady sleeping in front of us.

she must have been super drained that she had slept there.
The tip of Sto. Niño Church. Churches had this cool thing in them which makes them photogenic.
One nice structure we found was the sculptured wall with how Roman Christianity was brought here in the Philippines. The Spaniards' expedition as well was sculpted in the wall.

Of course, we can't just leave the place without James' photo as well...

My bbf, my love and my man! :) ♥♥♥
Those photos tellin' me to buy a DSLR right now... Wishing I could get one next month! Praying God will provide! And by that time, I will create my own photo blog. Well, I guess I can start with all of these...

Until the next photowalk, hopefully next time, they're taken using my own DSLR!


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