Team Papa Joe's Lunch at MoØØn Café

We just had our first team lunch yesterday since the reshuffling five months ago.  There is only one reason why a team can't get any team socialization budget and that is because their stats are low. So that means, for almost five months, we were one of the bottom performers. So sad!

That does not mean that I didn't perform well the last months, as a matter of fact I got really good grades or stats on every agent attribute. It's just that the total average score of the whole team was not good. Most of us were having some challenges with some of the attributes, one to mention was our QA scores. But anyway that was all history because we have been on the top for the last month and now, we all received the fruit of our labor.

We were thinking of two options, either we will add it to our team building budget which will be on the coming months or just use it for a team lunch since we haven't done it yet ever since. Everyone opted the latter and so we went and voted for a good place to eat.

Listed were the nominated restos:

Gerry's Grill
TGI fridays
Pancake House
Pier One
SM food court
Pizza Hut
Mc Donald's

It was funny because we ended up picking Mooon Café which in the first place was not part of the options. So we went there for lunch, my bad because I arrived an hour late which means, everyone is already eating and I was still waiting for my 10-15 minute waiting order. That's fine though since James was also there, both of us waited for our Mexican Back Ribs. We ordered the same menu anyway. 

My Mexican Back Rib was a huge serving. I was not able to finish it all up so I ended up taking it out. Hehe it saved my dinner!

Here are some of our team photos at Mooon
Café :

I noticed that Moon Cafe has a lot of customers, they come in and out actually. And the customers were like the United Nations, there were Caucasians, Negros and Pinoys inside. 

I like the orange juice we ordered which had a mix of fruits in it. Some of the fruits were chopped watermelon, calamansi, pineapple and there were still some more I can't recognize. The interior design was not so appealing though but I love the wood carvings and the wooden designs. The hanging fans were also impressive and they works. 

From left to right: Me, Rexan, Loreto, Cito, Ariel, Papa Joe, Jenn, Agnes, Erick, Pearl and Cath
James and I <3
After lunch we bid each other goodbyes and went our separate ways. James and I went to the terraces and enjoyed the view. I never had really gone to take some good watch of the Ayala terraces before until that day. It was far from the same when you are on the terrace and in the ground. It is better to be on the ground, believe me.

Here are our photos:

This makes me want to buy a SLR immediately! I'll try to buy one, one of these days. God please give me one!

'Til next photo-shoot! hehe

Photos at Mooon Cafe credit to Miss Catherine Prober!


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