Travel: Dumaguete City Pre-Anniversary Special

How would you feel if you travel to a different island with your loved-one? Ofcourse, you'd be happy, right?! 

Aside from Bohol and Cebu, which are our own provinces, James and I haven't gone to any other different island yet and so we had thought of going to somewhere near yet an interesting one. And Dumaguete is the best place! We decided then that we will definitely be going to the island for our third year anniversary and I am just so glad because we made it and yesterday, we were in Dumaguete!

To the South:

We rode on a Ceres Bus Liner via Cebu South Terminal to get to Bato Santander port. Our seat numbers 39 and 40 and at exactly 1:00, we were on our way there. It would take five hours to get to Dumaguete City. The truth is, there were two options, we can either take a bus to Liloan port and take a boat towards Dumaguete or just simply ride on the ceres bus until it reach Dumaguete, which means, the bus will be shipped via a barge ship to Dumaguete. We opted the second. Bus ride costs Php 200 per head.

On the road:

Most of the time, we were just talking, laughing our hearts out and just simply planning on what to do and where to go once we reach Dumaguete. Then we took a nap because it rained in Argao and woke up when we reached Oslob because of Sumilon Island's view from Bangcogon, a town in Oslob which is very near to Sumilon. The island's shore was really enticing, it has white sand which is visible from where we were. I was like, I wanna go there! I really wanna go there, someday.

At the Port:

We reached Bato, Santander and we can already see the Negros island. It looked like it's already within our reach. At Bato port, the bus went into the barge by LCT Tampi Twin Shipping which will then transport us to the main island. By the moment the bus went in, James immediately went out and took some photos around. In just five minutes, we were sailing in the sea towards Dumaguete. The ship was bouncing the entire time. The fare was Php 70 per head.

The Arrival: 

We reached  Tampi Port in Dumaguete at 5:15pm and it was raining, good thing it wasn't hard. The bus reached the city at almost 6pm. Both of us were amazed when we saw the Rizal Boulevard, there were like hundreds of people there. Some were walking along with their families, some were sitting in the seaside benches, some were busy eating and etc. We don't have any clue on where the bus would stop but when we saw Hotel Nicanor, visible from the roadway, we immediately stopped the bus and stepped out. We checked in at Hotel Nicanor for an overnight stay only. For my hotel Nicanor revier, click here.

The rest of the story on the next post, here are some of our photos during the travel:

Barge TicketBato Santanderstreet photoCeres Buschildren playing inside Ceres busButterfly inside Ceres busAt the sea to DumagueteTexting at CeresMe again textingGirl catching her Dora Balloonmy espadrilles


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