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As early as seven in the morning, both of us were already out in the streets of Dumaguete City. I love the silence and though it is a city, there were only a few vehicles roaming around. We were really strangers out there, we didn't know what to do and where to go, blame it to the planner. Well, we were not serious of planning where to go before we reached here. Anyway, since we were already there, we just enjoyed it. 

We reached this moto-lending stall, I was not interested in borrowing one and driving the whole city but James was persistent. He said we will just ask how much but after awhile, I found myself riding it already. He doesn't have a driver's license so I was forced to drive. This is my first time to drive in a city and I was really nervous. I can't drive straight! Good thing there weren't jeepneys and huge buses there. The city reminds me of Tagbilaran City where the means of transportation is just tricycles. 

It was good to have a motorcycle to tour around the city but it was a hassle because we don't know where to go, we were just driving around in circles. BTW, we rented the vehicle Php150 every five hours. Since Robinsons is a bit far from the main city, we decided to go there but since it was too early, the mall was still closed. We just toured around the area.

We saw Teletech just beside Robinsons mall. The mall was quite big compared to Cebu's and the parking lot was huge. They said this is the largest mall in Dumaguete so far.

We went back to the main city and we made a big mistake, we didn't see the "One way" sign, this time, the city has been fille already with vehicles since it was already ten. I was thankful we were not caught by the traffic enforcers, whew! I couldn't imagine myself being caught out in there.

Since I was already done with riding the motorcycle, we decided to leave it in the parking area and take some photo at Dumaguete City's Quezon Park just in the center of the main city. In the park, there's a fountain, a vintage car, some sort of a kind of war guns and monuments. There was a playground as well and in front of the park is the famous belltower named Campanario De Dumaguete. Here's a short history:
The Campanario De Dumaguete was built upon one of the four original massive watchtowers that parish priest Don Jose Manual Fernandez de Septien built in the 1760's to discourage moros from pillaging the town. The two layers are now known as the belltower or the campanario where adde during the administration of Fray Juan Felix dela Encarnacion in 1867.
Next to the belltower is a souvenir shop where the ladies inside sell sorts of religious icons, spiritual reading materials, rosary beads, candles and other related stuff. Another historical monument is the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral.

we had a blast, none of the people at the park ever noticed us, which I like and so I never had the any time which I felt awkward taking photos of the area. More photos in my photomists photo blog.

We headed for coffee at Cafe Noriter which was just a few blocks away from Hotel Nicanor, where we were staying and a corner going to Rizal Boulevard. I will be sharing with you our experience at the coffee shop later.


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