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Today I just wanna share with you the Youtube Channels that I subscribe to. Actually, as of now, I have subscribed to 25 Youtube Channels only, most of them are my relatives' and some are sorts of just acquaintances but I have been following these two I mean three channels (because the other one had created two channels) made and uploaded from awesome people. 

So the first and the second channels are from these beautiful twins named Janice and Sonya, their channel is jayesslee and then after a few months, they created jayessleetv, created for their vlogs and updates of what they're up to. So these lovely twins are both Koreans but were born and raised in Sydney Australia, they shared a passion for singing and now, they are both set on pursuing music. The first video that I was able to see was their Just The Way You Are version:

They are now very famous and I am looking forward as well of meeting them in person hopefully. They have earned a lot of fans in the Philippines and they had been into a lot of concerts as well. They are Christians and so the tours that they are engaged with are mostly of Christian Concert tours. The latest tour that they were in was in Singapore and their latest cover is Price Tag by jesse j. Check it out here:

My favorite covers are the following: 

I love their voice and the fact that they are doing this for the glory of God is such a blessing. I hope they will continue to render their lives to God. 

Subscribe to their channels now! They have facebook page as well but I was not able to add them due to the number of friends that they already have. I wish they could create another facebook account or maybe page soon. Follow and subscribe them here:

The other channel that I would also make sure to get updates to is realitychangers' youtube channel. I first come to see their videos when a friend in facebook posted their version of the Home song by Edward and Sharpey. So this channel is about a single parent, a father specifically who sings together with his daughter, Alexa. He then started posting about their own journey and his second daughter, Eliana also gives passionate response to music as well. I can't get enough watching this video where Eli was mum-ming the song Zombies by Cranberries:

And here is the first video that I had watched which also had made Jorge and her daughter Alexa famous over Youtube. Today, they have been invited in a lot of American shows. They also had participated in many concerts. All of these things can be seen on their Youtube Channel.

You can reach them here:

facebook page!/narvaezjorge

Would you like to reach out? Donations? Support? Show Appearance? 
3910 university ave #300-RC San diego CA 92105
or use


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