Me Hearts Korean Drama: 49 Days

In just a week, I was able to finish this Korean Drama entitled "49 Days" aka "Pure Love". I'm glad that I was able to finish it up quickly, I say quickly because most of the time, it takes me two to three weeks to finish a series since I am working. The truth is, I was currently watching the Lee Min Ho's "City Hunter" and I was at episode 19 when ABS-CBN started airing the "Pure Love". Since City Hunter's 19th episode was not yet available at that time, BTW I watch the videos at Youtube of course, I was tempted to check on the said series. I got attached to it's drama and a bit of comedy so I went straight and just a few minutes ago, I found myself on it's final parts already. That was pretty quick!

Let me share my own quick review as well, so the story revolves around Ji-Hyun (Nam Gyu-Ri), a happy go lucky woman living her perfect life as the only daughter of a rich loving parents. She has two best friends and was soon to be married to her fiance. Kang Min Ho (Bae Soo Bin), Ji-Hyun's  fiance who has a hidden agenda towards Ji-Hyun's family company. Song Lee Kyung (Lee Yo Won), a depressed woman who caused Ji-Hyun's untimely death but ended to be Ji-Hyun's lost sister. Song Yi-Soo or the Scheduler (Jung Il Woo), portrays as the angel of death but also was revealed as the cause of Song Lee Kyung's five years of suffering. Han Kang (Jo Hyeon-Jae), secretly inlove with Ji-Hyun and the first person who found out that she is using Lee Kyung's body during daytime.

The plot of the story was when Ji-Hyun got involved in an accident and was comatose. Her soul met the Scheduler who told her that if three people besides her family will shed a genuine tear for her, she can return to her body. She need to get those three drops of tears in 49 days. Within the 49 days, Ji-Hyun learned that her bestfriend and her fiance had an affair prior to meeting kang Min-ho, they set her up for the sake of money and to steal Ji-hyun's family's company. She knew all these things by the help of Lee Kyung's body. 

During the day, Ji-Hyun possessed Lee Kyung's body, goes to work at Han kang's restaurant while investigating her fiance and best-friend's real motives. Though she was successful in saving the company, she was already frustrated and thought that she can't get back to her body. At that point, she just collected one tear which was from Han Kang.

The two other tears were gathered during  her last day, both were from her two bestfriends, Park Seo-Woo (Bae Geu-rin) and Shin In-Jung.

While Ji-Hyun came back to her body, Lee Kyung and the scheduler was able to finish their matters. The scheduler was Lee Kyung's partner who died in an accident. 

Ji-Hyun was able to recover and get her body but then the scheduler just found out that Ji-Hyun will still die after six days. he eventually informed her and she lived her life to the fullest within the six remaining days of her life and had accepted her fate.

At the peak of the story, Ji-Hyun's parents found out that Lee Kyung was their missing daughter. Shin In-jung revealed that she was responsible to Kang Min ho's capture and was still in love with the latter, she told Min ho that she is willing to wait until he gets out of prison. The story ended with both han kang and lee kyung satisfied with the experience that they had earned because of Ji-Hyun and Song Yi-song's lives.

I was expecting Han Kang to end up with Song Lee Kyung but the story ended up with the two being single. This is what I love about Korean dramas, I can't predict the ending of the story. I may try to guess but it ends up with a different closure. Anyway, I love the story, I like Ji-Hyun, she's very sweet and caring. I guess Han Kang has been consistent and Min ho was very good at acting. During the whole drama, there were a lot of sad moments, good thing the character of  the scheduler became the ice breaker.

At some points, I was unsatisfied with the subtitles from the Youtube videos but no big deal since I was still able to follow the story. You guys should watch it. You can follow the drama on ABS-CBN too!

Now, I am ready for the City Hunter!

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