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Three years isn't long if you are happy.

This was a comment by a former colleague after knowing that James and I had just celebrated our third anniversary last August 24, 2011. Indeed, it was like we just started our relationship yesterday. I could still remember when I was in my freshman year in college, he was the only guy who got my attraction but I didn't give it any meaning because way back then, he was in a relationship as well. We were matched by our circle of friends when we were already in our senior year.  And then the rest is history.

We had our pre-anniversary celebration at Dumaguete City last August 21-22, 2011. Dumaguete is beautiful, it's been known as the city of gentle people and I must say, the city is very safe, calm and of course lovely. 

I posted about how we get there, where we stayed and today, I wanna share with you the highlight of our Dumaguete City travel - Dumaguete's Rizal Boulevard. I fell in love with it that night. After reaching the city, we went straight to Rizal Boulevard and were surprised because of the number of people in the area. There were students in groups who were marching around the city and I just knew that it was Siliman University's 110 Foundation Day. Siliman University is quiet famous because it is the first protestant university founded here in the Philippines. The students in the campus are from all sorts of families also. Most of them are foreigners or meztizos. A large percentage of their student population comes from well known families and those who are rich ones.

Silimanians for their 110th Foundation Day
In the boulevard, you will see locals selling hand-made coral bracelets, earrings and other jewelries. There were number of children selling foods like puto, steamed corn and peanuts. There were a lot of partners dating at the beautiful place also. I also saw a group of young people practicing some stunts for a dance presentation. 

From a far is the port and the lights were pretty. Their huge acacia trees are beautiful, they had preserved it and made the boulevard a shady place. The street lamps were also a view. I like how their trash bins were designed too. It's not the usual one. And one thing I can't forget as well is that even though the place has a lot of people in it, the area was still pretty clean.

lotsa pipz
Aside from  the lights and the trees, there were bars and dining areas as well on the streetsides. I could remember seeing Moon Cafe, Blue Monkey, Pizza Hut, Pirate Bay and a lot more. The famous Sans Rival is just a few meters away from the place as well. You can get to see a statue of the Sisters of Paul of Chartres there. And the Siliman University as well. 

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