Hill-Top Viewing at Sunflower Malbog Resort

At the hills of Malbog Jagna, Bohol rises an airy family resort named Sunflower Malbog resort. Owned by Mrs. Sarah Gallendez, you will never expect something like this to emerged because the hills are quiet distant from the main town. James and I together with my family had a chance to spend an entire afternoon there enjoying ourselves with nature's beauty right before our eyes. 

Approximately two kilometers away from downtown jagna. you won't be worried because soon trail signs will be placed in each corners to guide the visitors. The resort is still undergoing development, they will be opening it for the public before this year ends. But actually, since their KTV bar is already ready, they would allow some customers to use it.

Since the resort is still under construction, the resort offers videoke bars as of the moment. However, as per the management, once the resort is done, they will be offering a lot of services which they haven't disclosed yet. Their KTV is cheap, you can play two songs for just Php 5.00

Here are the views at the resort:

And here is the jumper family:
mama and papa, I understand they are not young enough to be able to jump any higher... : )
Gecell and Kuya Jonas, Gecell is the owner's daughter and my Kuya's fiance.
nice jump and nice background too
James doing his thing, I wonder where his right arm is?
Super cute! My niece making her own jump pose
I decided not to post my jump pose here
Mommyla, Baby Aiesha and Daddylo
For more information contact:

Mr. Jonas Beltran
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