Facebook Old Chat Box is Back For Real

Well at last I have my old Facebook chat box today and it was such a relief. Before, I was not interested of converting it back since I don't usually use it. Ever since before, I am not that fond of chatting right on the site. Whenever someone pm's me, I kinda gets disturbed and that I feel like I am obliged to reply to them, this is for those cases where the chatter is someone I don't really know actually. Anyways, just today I realized that I really need to change it back to it's old state. The reason is that I had joined a contest and I need to get more points through Facebook fan page Likes and other ways.

Since I had already talked about the blog contest, then let me ask you a favor as well. Please like Domestic Cherry and Secondhand Philosophy pages in Facebook. Just click on the links! Then please message me in Facebook (click here) and provide your email address. Or simply fill up the form(click here). Inside the form, there are also fields for Google Friend Connect or GFC username and Email address, these are for the blog follow so  please visit the main website and click the join this site buttons. Here are the blogs that you need to follow: Domestic Cherry, {cherry} everyday, Secondhand Philosophy and Low-fat diaries, mind you, these blogs are all informative and one of the best blogs I have ever visited. Bare in mind that you will need to add your info on the form and then hit on the submit button! Thank you soo much!

Going back to the main course here, so as I have said, I reverted my chat box to the old one. The Seriously {functional} Giveaway was just one of the reasons and the main one is that the new chat box is ugly. I can't seem to find all of my online friends, the firsts on the list are those you mostly had interacted with and so leaving behind those you don't really get to interact on the site, which I think and most users think is an epic fail. Then here comes the invisible scroll bar, I dunno. I just don't like it so I switched back which was kinda easy. Wanna know how? Follow these steps:

1. Go to this GetBackTheOldChat Facebook page.
2. Like the page. Sharing the page is optional ;)
3. Hit on click after Step 1 and 2 then choose your browser.(sorry IE isn't on the options)
4. Install FB Chat Sidebar Disabler for Chrome, I selected this option BTW since I use Chrome for Facebook and other social networking sites:
for chrome users like me
for firefox users

for opera users
With this extensions you can disable the newly introduced Chat Sidebar and return to the old good normal Facebook Chat. Aha!

After installation press F5 into all Facebook tabs/windows, or restart browser.

Here's my chat box after installation:

Ola! I am a happy camper! If you're feelin' the jelly with my chat box here, then what are you waiting for? Revert your chat box too! Sorry for the IE users though! :)


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