My Pulsing Eyelids

my eyes :)
Have you ever experienced this kind of feeling where in your eyelids tend to pulse involuntarily every now and then? 

Well, I was kinda scared because my lower left eyelid has been pulsing constantly for almost two weeks now. Everyday, I would feel it pulse at a time then it disappears and then starts pulsing again. It's intermittent and is very annoying.

I can't seem to find any reasons why it is doing it so i asked my colleagues if they have any idea what is happening here. Some say it happens when you are tired or stressed. I of course believed them and so I tried getting more sleep and make sure not to stress myself out. I tried that during the first week but then, there was no progress so I searched about it. I used the terms eyelids pulsing and best-friend Google showed me the answers.

Now I found out that the real culprit is caffiene and I guess it's kinda true because I had been drinking two to three cups of coffee during my entire shift almost two months now. That makes it 15 cups of coffie per week, excluding the coffee I drink at home which usually range from one to two cups. I guess I have to minimize it or shall I say stop drinking it.

Today, I am not anymore drinking those lovely, tempting coffee though I have a couple of packs left on my locker. I hope I won't be tempted and hope this pulsing thing will disappear now na!

I wonder if you also have some idea of any immediate cure to this because it's scaring the cat inside of me.

scared cat,

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