I Just Got Sketched

Peter Cagampang Cadorna's work. I am happy he made my wish come true at last. I have been looking for anyone who can draw or sketch a portrait of me and Pedro became the perfect one because this is totally for free. So who is Pedro? I call him pedro, a visayan version for Peter, he is my secondary classmate in Guinacot High School. We had known each other since sophomore year and we had been friends since then. We only communicate in facebook and it has been rare lately until I saw his sketches on his online profile.

I wish I could have the original one, I will surely get it once I come home to Bohol. But for now, I am happy with this though it isn't that perfect, at least it can be recognized as me. Here is the copy posted on facebook, this one at the top was edited in photoshop.


I love it! Thanks so much Pedro!

Here are Peter's other works:

He said he is just practicing but I say he can use my photographs for practice. Teehee!

Check out his sketches on his facebook profile or click here.


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