Lapulapu Versus Lolong

killer crocodile caught in the philippines

I bet you have already heard about this gigantic salt crocodile captured in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur. When I opened Yahoo news today, I saw the photos published about how big the crocodile is. And looking at the photos made me think of Crocolandia's oldest and largest crocodile, Lapulapu. I want to figure out how big Lolong is [the newly captured crocodile's name] and so I have compared it to Lapulapu since I had already seen it personally.

Before comparing the two, allow me to give a thumbs up to the people of Agusan del Sur lead by Municipal Mayor Cox Elorde for doing a good job in hunting down and capturing this huge beast "alive" for the sake of the people in their society. So let's move on then.


Lapulapu is 15 foot long that is 4.5 meters while Lolong is 20 foot and that is 6.1 meters long. Woah! This is really huge! 


Their heaviness also depends on their size and the amount of food they intake. So Lapulapu is just 1000 kilograms while Lolong is 1075 kg. Well, Lapulapu feeds on two chickens per week while Lolong feeds on carabaos as per the news, not to mention the rumors about Lolong eating a farmer too! Heavy meal si Lolong!


The crocolandia owners said that Lapulapu is more than 50 years of age and Lolong is also said to be living for 50 long years as well as per boholcronicle


Lapulapu has been known in public for quite awhile because of Crocolandia, to be exact he has been known from 2001. Lolong is just known for almost a week since capture last September 4, 2011. But I believe that Agusan's ecotourism will surely boast because of this victorious capture. Like Talisay, Agusan will soon get it's own version of the Crocolandia.

While I was staring at Lolong, the killer crocodile in the photo below, a question popped up on my head, is Barnie a he or a she? Lols...

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