Movies: Surinder is Khan and He is Not a Terrorist

For quiet awhile, I had been hearing good reviews about this movie entitled "My Name is Khan", and though I have the copy in my drives for almost a month, I didn't bother to watch it until today. It's my four-day rest's last day and that the first thing I did in the morning was to watch any movie I have in my movie folder. And so I opted to watch this one. First thing that came in my mind is that it's a movie about politics because of the movie's poster which shows the United States' Flag on it and the tuxedo too. Little did I know that this has something in it that will make my eyes swell and give me more information and knowledge about the other beliefs.

So what is the movie all about then? 
Obviously, it is a Bollywood movie about a Muslim named Rizvan Khan who was diagnosed of Asperger's Syndrome, it can be related to Autism but he is smart and he has an ability to repair almost any mechanical material. He was sponsored by his brother to live in the United States after the death of their mother. He then met Mandira, a divorced Hindu woman who works in a Salon. He persuaded her and eventually became his wife. 
Their life was almost perfect until the attack that took place in September 11 and soon experience the post 9-11 prejudice. Sam, Mandira's son has a friend named Reese whose father was killed while covering the war at Afghanistan. Because of Reese's father's death, he turned his back on Sam, they had a fight and this ended up with Sam's death. The story behind Rizvan's line, "I am Khan and I am not a terrorist" started. During his journey, he had touched a lot of lives. Despite his illness, he was able to share to the people he met the only thing he believes, that there are only two kinds of people, good people who does good deeds and bad people who does bad things. Religion or even race doesn't matter at all.
He was imprisoned because of misunderstanding but soon was released after proven innocent, his relationship with his wife rekindled after Mandira found the justice of her son's death. They soon was able to meet the President of the United States and reassured Khan that "he is not a terrorist".
this was the movie poster
Watching the movie gave me a little knowledge about Islam, you must see the movie to also learn about it. I am a Christian and I also respect our Muslim brothers and sisters with their belief. I hope every one of us will do as well. The 9-11 event may had given a negative impact to the Muslims but we must not generalize them as what the movie also had entailed us.

The truth is, I was surprised when I started watching this because the main character Rizvan Khan was portrayed by Shahrukh Khan, Surinder Kapoor of the movie, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which I found a nice movie as well. In fact, these movies are now part of my favorite ones. Three Idiots, Ghajini, Every Child is Special, My Name is Khan and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. And to sight one interesting thing, the movie My Name is Khan is so far the only Bollywood movie I had watched that doesn't have a sing and dance portion. I was already ready for that part of the film but there wasn't expect the dancing in the wedding part.

lots of dancing and singing parts in this movie
I like Shahrukh Khan, he isn't that appealing [at least for me] but he is a very good actor. 

"There are only two kinds of people in the world, good people who does good deeds and bad people who does bad things."

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