Playful Cafe Noriter in Dumaguete City

While James and I were in Dumaguete last August, I made sure we can visit this coffee shop that I had read from Creative Dork's blog. Curious with how playful the place is as with Robbie's photographs and he also stated they serve cheaper coffees too.

Surprisingly, the cafe was just a few blocks away from where we stayed in the island so it was no sweat getting there. 

I learned that the Dumagauete branch is the first branch ever here in the country. There are computer units inside and you can actually use it for Php 20 per hour, if that is too pricey for you, there are more units at the second floor costs Php 15 per hour. But if you have your own laptop, just order a minimum of Php50 and your on  your way to unlimited wifi internet access, which most coffee shops has.

What I love the most about the place was the interior decoration and how the owner or designer had made the area so playful. I love stationaries, polaroid photos, miniature toys and colorful things and they have all of these inside. I was totally amazed and astonished that there's something like this in Dumaguete. Unlike other coffee shops I've known like starbucks or Bo's, cafe noriter has a child-like, girly, creative feel. I spent  my entire time wondering on each displayed items. I had definitely enjoyed being there.

Here are some of the pretty cute stuff you can see there:

By the way, the word noriter means playground, obviously the place can explain it. 

Now we can't really stay there without buying from their menu. I ordered honeybread and a Iced Coffee mocha, James just ordered water, he said he was still full from our lunch, booo! Here's my lovely playful honeybread worth Php 130 

My Iced Coffee mocha for Php 105

The Noriter had a menu that ranges from hot coffee, iced coffee, shakes, smoothies, softdrinks, icecreams, waffle, entree, sandwhiches, pastaas, burgers and they also serve Korean rice. One good thing about it is that they have set menus and promos. And as what most coffee shops do, their menu is handwritten in a green board in front of the cashier. Check the membership cards. Super playful!

I regret not checking the second floor where the rest of the pc units were. I heard that the stairs going to the cafe's second floor has a lot of photos pasted to it. Anyway, I already had gone crazy over the cute stuff inside the coffee shop. I would surely go back if given the chance to get to the island again in the future.

Unlike me who was very enthusiastic while was roaming around the place, by the way, the area isn't that huge actually, James was super busy with the notebook. I was thinking he wasn't interested of the place at all but he commented when we went out that the area is very nice and comfy. That was a relief because I was the one who was very persistent in visiting the cafe. Good thing it turned out that he also loved the shop, it's just that he isn't that expressive compared to me. Well, that's just how sexes differ.
I wonder what kept him so busy while I was busy picture taking :)

I asked James to take a photo of me in this area. This is my favorite spot of the cafe, I want something like this in my future room. Photo courtesy of James Figues.
me with my honey bread and iced mocha coffee
The cafe is also a favorite hang out place for Silimanians so when you go there, expect seeing some college students in the area. It's the best place because they can bring with them their laptops and do their researches while sippin' on cold or hot coffee. Imagining that takes me to heaven though.

I have a lot more photos of the cafe, you can check it out in my photo blog. Click here.

In case you happen to visit Dumaguete, don't you ever forget to visit Cafe Noriter! You will be awed by it's awesomeness. Tag your friends along as well.


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