Why I love Damon Salvatore

Last week's been an ordinary week and it feels like this week would become the same except that I had been busy watching YouTube videos about Damon and Elena of the Vampire Diaries. I am totally hooked with the series since season one. Have you seen the second episode for the third season already? If you haven't watched it yet, better start getting a copy now, you might regret not getting one because the third season has a lot of Delena moments. In fact, the first episode opened up with Elena seeing Damon totally naked, uhmm... well, he was actually wearing soap bubbles that time. Oppsy! I even published Elena's expression in my Tumblr account. Check it out:

lol, I read from an online site that they made a prank on taking this scene to get Nina's natural "Oh my God" face!
The exciting thing about this season is that as per Ian Somerhalder, there will be a lot of scenes where he and Elena looks like married couples, that just excites me. I love their tandem and they look very compatible. At the start of the series, I had been wondering already if there's a way that they could be couples in the long run and it seems to be coming true. I am not against Paul Wesley though but Ian and Nina looks perfect for each other. Ian's eyes are truly gorgeous. And I love the fact that they are now real-life couples. That news is heaven!

Here are basically the reasons why I heart Damon than Stefan:

Damon's Eyes

What can I say, he has such tantalizing eyes which every woman can't resist.

Damon's Hair

He has a messy hair and I like it simply because it suits his aura, he is a bad boy and i love it.

Damon's Attitude

I like the fact that he has a soft heart when it comes to Elena, clearly opposite to his outer disposition. He can me impulsive and very dangerous but Elena feels the true Damon inside.

Enough for TVD but make sure you guys watch the next episode this coming Thursday. Have you tried the newly announced Facebook Timeline and ticker profile? I haven't tried it actually but my Facebook buddies are into it, in fact they had converted their own profiles already. I am currently looking for ways on how to do it and I will post it once I am done, am gonna share it to you guys.

On the other hand, I am excited for this November not because of the coming Holidays but because of the vacation trip to Cagayan De Oro together with my colleagues and James of course. What's so nice about this is that we are gonna conquer CDO, Iligan and Camiguin in the same trip which will take five days! Aha~you read it right, it's a whole week of vacation galore! I am actually in search of some promo fares today, hopefully Cebu Pacific will come up with a piso seat sale this coming October. I just can't wait!

Here are some of the places that we will be going are at the Maria Cristina falls, Timoga spring , Macaraeg- Macapagal ancestral house, Dahilayan Adventure Park where the zipline rides and the exciting Water rafting is located. 

In Camiguin, we'll go to Moro watch tower, Soda Water Spring, Enigmata tree House, Ardent Hot Spring, Sto. Nino Cold Spring Philvolcs station and a lot more!

I am excited and I just can't hide it!!! Now, if Lady Luck will just be good to me, an airplane seat sale will surely make my day.


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