September Is For Giveaways

Hear ye, hear ye! 

A big and bad blog giveaway is open at wonder woman's blogsite. I was blessed to be part of the first 50 followers of the said blog and I am much more thrilled because of her ongoing giveaway which gives five people a chance to get one of the five goody bags with different exciting stuffs inside them. Are you excited? 

Let me share the goody bags available for grabs, the selection is quite cute because your like selecting an answer on a multiple choice test, teehee. Anyway, here are the choices:

A. Accessories, a pair of handmade thread earrings, a ring, a unique feather bangle, a ring holder and a necklace. 

Wow, be informed as well that these are customized! I believe wonder woman isn't just a woman of strength but also a woman of art!

B. Beauty, a bottle of Victoria's Secret Love Spell, a surprise lip balm, a Creamsilk straightening conditioner and a Vitresse hair product.

Oh beauty! This is enticing!

C. Clothes, a cardigan from Tomato and a surprise top.

Tomato is an awesome line and I would love to get this one too! I will surely wear it as soon as I get it.

D. DVDs, an Inception DVD, a 'The Grifters' book and a surprise movie t-shirt.

I am wondering what movie t-shirt is that. I have already watched the Inception on the large screen, but it would be nice if I can play it all over again. <insert grin smiley here>

E. Eye Candy, a 'Paper Towns' book by John Green

Wonder woman said this is a hard to find book, surely it's a very good book. I will be glad if I can read it as well. Kinda curious about the Paper Towns and what it is all about. Surely a great book from a great writer.

While looking and reading through each goody bag, I was starting to be paranoid. I want all of them actually, I want to get each pretty content if it's possible but since it isn't I tried to waken myself up then. I wish I could place another choice. F for Fun, these includes all the goody bags listed. In short, all of the above. Lols.

Enough with that, I then stared at each goody one at a time and finally decided to get B for Beauty because of the Victoria's Secret Love Spell which I am planning to give to my mom if I would be lucky  to get the goody. She will surely love it and will the best post birthday gift. 

Wishing lady luck will be on my side.

Know why we don't have photos here? Try to guess, that's the catch!
Visit wonderwomanrises for more details.

crossing fingers,

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2 Comments to “September Is For Giveaways”

  • Wow. I think I might just make you a winner by default. I know I said "write a blog post", but this is... amazing. I'm touched. Really. I mean... You made a BANNER?!?? And it's so witty, too. F for Fun. Haaay. I actually really hope you win now. And even if you don't, I'll send you something for this anyway. Just remind me. :)

    Following you now, too, by the way. :) Thanks again!
    And visit my store if you can (new items posted regularly):

  • @wonderwoman! hi there! thanks for appreciating this... and wow! thank you thank you for that "something", I will surely be looking forward for that! thanks for visiting and of course, I will visit that online store of yours too!

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