Welcome September With A Surprise

I was kinda sad and dissapointed today because of James tag me along to one of his appointments but we ended up getting lost because he didn't made sure where the location was. My feet was already aching, my eyes are swollen because I just got out from work and that I was sweating. I felt like going home and leaving him instead when we reached the office. Since my tantrum was already at its peak, I didn't go inside, instead waited at the outside of the building, I wasn't sure what I was doing, there wasn't any chairs out there and there were a lot of vehicles passing by. I thought I just made a wrong decision but my pride was overwhelming and when he went out to check on me and beg me to come inside, I told him I just need to go home, I was too tired to argue. He was too understanding to let me go and send me off, there was no goodbye kiss, hmmp! This is just a bad start for the Ber month. Tsk tsk tsk.

Before reaching home, I passed by Mcdonalds and my weakness was teasing me. I have this tendency to eat or drink what ever appeals me when I am sad. And so I gave in, I ordered a Monster Coke Float though I know what the consequences are.

I was still sad when I reach home and immediately turn my pc on. I never expect something surprising but I learned that I won Mommy Giay's Pasko sa Agosto Tupperware Simply Healthy Set Giveaway! Well, what can I say? Thank you to Mommy Giay and to lady luck!

Here's the Tupperware Simply Healthy Set Giveaway:

photo from Mommy Giay
Well, this isn't a bad day after all. The rest of the giveaways I joined haven't announced the winners yet so I must stay tuned.

feeling lucky,

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