How I Converted My Old Facebook Profile to the New Facebook Timeline

Lately, Facebook has made some changes on how news feeds show and how the photos posted are also viewed. Hundreds if not thousands of users didn't like it, in fact they searched for a way to bring back the old layout. But today, numbers of users are going "gaga" with Facebook's new Timeline profile and I would admit, I had been hooked with it as well. It's funny how updates like this happen and users can't wait until the release date. The truth is, the Timeline profile is still on it's beta stage and only developers can convert their profiles to this new one. However, we would always find for tricks on how to get this awesome changes on our own profiles too.

I said on my previous post that I will share to you how I convert my own profile to this timeline thing, so today please enjoy the step by step instructions plus photos on how you could get the timeline profile on your own accounts too! Here's how I did it:

1. Go to developers page, click here.
You just be signed in to Facebook to be able to access this section.

2. Click on create a new app.

You will be asked to enter your app name and agree to the terms and conditions. Kindly fill up all necessary info on the basic settings.

I encountered an issue with this one since I haven't added my mobile number yet. So it took me several hours before continuing because I need to wait for the confirmation code first. So, before you start, make sure you already had added your mobile number on your facebook account. One of my friends told me that she had used all her mobile numbers but it won't go through still. 

3. Click Open Graph on your app's basic settings.

You will be navigated to a page where you will input a verb an a noun then click get started afterwards.

4. Save and finish configuration page and viola! You're done!

The changes will take effect in two or three minutes. Just go to your homepage ( and you will see the invitation you've awaited for.

Click get it now immediately!

FYI, only developers will be able to view your timeline during the beta stage. 

Enjoy your timeline profile!


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