Blogger Got A New Face

Have you already switch to Blogger's new interface? If you haven't check it out yet, I suggest you would get to the site now. The interface was changed to a gray one, I was having a little navigation problems when awhile ago but after a few lookin' and learnin', I figured how to move along with the sections. How do you like it? I would say it was sort of inspired by the google+ theme, what do you think?

Here's how the new post interface looks like, the options are still the same, font styles, formatting and all other is pretty the same as the old one except that the post settings were placed in the right hand side and of course the publish, save and preview sections were transferred right next to the post title field.

Well, if in case you don't like it that much, no worries because the site would give you the option to go back to the old interface. Then if you are ready to level up, a single click is just the key! Surely, we would come to get used to it.

using blogger's new interface,

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