Tupperware Giveaway Winner

I was in the office when I received a message from LBC about a package delivery. In my head, I was sure it's from Mommy Gigi and I was definitely right! My housemate (she's a darling) then informed me about it and that they had already signed the package for me.

Excitedly, I immediately took the stuff out from the LBC transpack and merrily welcomed the tupperware products

You know what, my mom loves tupperware products, basically because of it's proven quality. When I was a child, we have a set of those four square, colored plates. I saw them stored in our cabinets when I went home before, that was like two decades old already but are still usable. Can you imagine that? 

So, great joy filled my heart when I learned that I was the lucky winner of the Tupperware Simply Healthy Set, again, thank you Mommy Gigi!

feeling lucky,

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