Me Joining BC Bloggers

Glad BC Blogger's link collection will end tomorrow, October 15, 2011, that means I am still in. Backlinking is really a challenge for me and I am just glad that Mommy Diary had come up to this cool and easy way of putting our blogs in a map as what Mommy Diary said.

So, if you're like me and want to be a part of the bc bloggers, then do the following steps below. It's just a piece of cake. 

  1. Blog about BC bloggers and encourage other bloggers to sign up and link to
  2. Add BC blogger badge on your sidebar.
  3. Create a page in your blog for all the BC Bloggers links. You can add it to your blog roll or existing BC Bloggers links. Then submit your details to this blog. Link collection will close on October 15, 2011 so hurry and enjoy blogging!
Here's the BC bloggers badge:

 "We don't have to beg for links."

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2 Comments to “Me Joining BC Bloggers”

  • hi ! just dropping by i am looking for a blog header free scrapbook and i visit your blog. i submit all the 3 steps above ,hope i can be part of bc bloggers for december . Two of my blogs,, ! i'm Pinaynanay

  • @pinaynanay: hello... thanks for dropping by, if you're looking for free scrapbook elements, you can visit my scrapbook site at everything is free there...


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