Farewell Steve!

(February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Who would have thought the day after the  'Lets Talk iPhone' event could be Steve Jobs' final day?

Nobody had thought of it, though every one knows he is very ill, he had a very serious health issues. He had gone to soon that no one had expected it to happen immediately. He had resigned from his company, Apple a few weeks ago and publicly announced about his illness. Now, he has just left his family and his company as well as all of those Apple fans.

I was at the work when I learned about it, it was 9:30AM here in the Philippines (9:30pm EST). I was a bit shocked about what happened, I was still closing the iPhone search windows I had from yesterday's Apple event where the company had announced their new innovations, about the iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. I opened my twitter and posted:

The incident had proven that though Steve was a genius and that he had invented the world's famous devices and gadgets, he was still human. It showed his weak spot. Now the world is in agony and is in wonder if there could be someone else who might be the next Steve Jobs? Will find that out when it comes.

So before I get to the dreamland, I wanna say my last goodbye. Again, 

good job!


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