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Oh yeah! 

After more than a year, I was able to change my freescrapbooks blog's background and header images. If you haven't been to that blog yet, then please do it now because the blog gives you free stuff like clip arts, scrapbook sets and photo templates. All of the things that I post there is free, out of charge and I give them away without any copyrights. Yes, you read it right, all for free. Hmm, let me give you a background about that site then. It goes like this, I am an art lover, I used to do the traditional scrapbook since grade school. I have collections of those old ones way back at home in Bohol but never really had let others see them because they are like crap and maybe others will never find interest on those so they were more of like private viewing, for my eyes only! Teehee.

So when I reach college, I started learning about Adobe Photoshop because it was a requirement as an IT student. BTW, I studied college in Cebu Institute of Technology, known as CIT-University today. I graduated last 2009, that's two years ago. So to make the long story short, I had switch from the traditional scrapbooking to the digital one, well my works aren't that good though but I thought it would be nice to place it somewhere in the web since its intangible and I can share it to the others who would get interested with it too. And the rest is history, it's a year old and here I am trying to innovate it, I don't think that's a great term but just be it.

Here are the things I changed:

The header. I changed it to a simpler one. The old header was very childish and I was sick of it. I was like being irritated but its OA-ness and thought it's overly designed. What was I thinking when I did it? Anyway, I don't have plans of letting you have a peek on it, sorry but here's the new one. Very simple and neat, in my opinion though.

The background. Reason? Well, I just want to give it a new one. The truth is, the background is not mine, it is blogger's default background designs. Haha... Talk about recycling. But what's wrong with that? I like their background designs and I just want to use it. The old one by the way was the ribbon design, curious about it? Check blogger's default templates.

The download buttons. I had been inspired by Amanda of kevinandamanda, I like her buttons. Actually, what I am planning is to showcase different styles of buttons depending on the featured item. I will base it on the color of the freebie. So for the first button, I used this:
 Love it! I can't wait to make some other designs in the future. 
The signature. I changed it because I just don't like the old one anymore. Hehe...
Here is how the new one looks like, still plain and simple like the header.
Last but not the least is that I added another like button for the page. So before anyone can download the freebie, they need to like my freescrapbooks blog first. The truth is, it's not really a compulsory thing, you can skip it but I am just hopeful someone might click on it too! Teehee... just testing how it would come out. 

I really had enjoyed changing it and it was just a quick modification. I hope I can also make my own layout of the blog in the future. But for now, I am happy with this. BTW, if you have checked, blogger has a new template and it's a cool one. If you are into tumblr, you might like it because it's a dynamic template. In fact, the name is dynamic view. Check it now!

Thanks for visiting my scrapbook site
To anyone of you who haven't known yet, I have a photoblog also and I call it photomists. Visit it too at, thanks!

Hugs, hugs, hugs, goodbye to my old signature! Hello to you!

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