Buko King Makes Bohol Proud

Just when we thought singing and dancing are the only talents Filipinos are well-known of, then wait until you finish watching this video below.


See what I am talking about? The truth is, there are two things that I am proud of base on the video above. First is of course, I am proud with our Kababayan who had gone to Germany because of his peculiar talent. Felipe Tacogdoy, fondly called by the villagers as "Pepeng" or "Nong Pepeng" for those who are younger than him is a pure Boholano and earns a living as a Buko opener.

As a Boholana myself too, it gave me a different feeling watching someone who speaks the same dialect perform in front of those foreign people outside the country. It was a great feeling, it was all pride and I couldn't wait to share it again over Facebook.

Nong Pepeng's source of income shows how hard it is to live in the province. But because of this simple life, he had learned something he never thought would change his entire life. As he was asked by the German host why and how he learned to open the "buko" using nothing but his own teeth, he answered because sometimes he had no tool to use to open them that he learned to make use of his teeth instead. 

I had learned about Nong Pepeng when he was featured in a local TV show. He was spotted asking for donations and then proceeds to performing in front opening the coconut fruit one by one using his bare teeth.

Now, he isn't asking for donations to perform anymore, he is simply touring around on some parts of the world to showcase his special skill. 

I just wonder if he had been feeling some pain all those times that he has performed. He sure must check with his dentist soon. Teehee :)

On the other hand, I would like to give Nong Pepeng's interpreter a round of applause because she was simply awesome. I never thought she was a Cebuana, I first thought she was somebody from Manila or Luzon but I was astonished because she was talking to Nong Pepeng in pure Bisaya. While watching the video, I realized how good it is to learn some other languages like German. It's elegant and it's very pretty to listen to it. She did a great job! That made me want to learn German! :D

What more can I say then? Nothing but all Congratulations!

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