Sweet Crepes in SM Cebu

While James and I were checking for the most affordable yet has good quality LED monitor for my defective laptop, we accidentally bumped into this small stall in front of Forty Winks, Dermclinic and TreveƱos in SM North Wing. They sell these yummy looking crepes so we decided to step in and eat even if we were not yet hungry. The stall's name is Rock 'n Roll Crepes.
Check the samples that they have right on their stall which made me very confused while choosing on what to order. We just went in and want to order for the sake of curiosity. I ended up letting James choose the order instead. 

Prices start at Php 70 to Php 90, which I find very affordable.

Here's their menu which I was able to take note while James was busy eating the sweet Copa Cabanana Crepe.

Kiwi Crimson - whipped cream and kiwi syrup

Hound Dogged - hotdog with cucumber, tuna letuce mayo and ketchup

Johnny B. Dog - hotdog with cheese and ketchup

Smells Like Strawberry Syrup - whipped cream with strawbery syrup

Hotdog Day Afternoon - sausage with tuna lettuce with mayo and ketchup

Copa Cabanana - sliced banana with whipped cream and choc syrup

Green Date - tuna with cucumber letuce sweet corn with mayo and ketchup

White Sabbath - whipped cream, banana and sprinkled choco chips

Chocohouse Rock - whipped cream with choc syrup and choc chips

Whole Lotta Tuna - tuna with lettuce sweet corn and mayo

And their best seller is Mango Lauper.

We will surely go back because we love it's sweet taste. I like the customer service because the serving was pretty fast.

More photos:
Our Copa Cabanana... super sweet yummy crepes!

Rock 'n Roll Crepes Corner

Back part where the table and chairs are located.

James with our Copa Cabanana.... :)

Me with the Copa Cabanana...

You can visit the said place also in SM Cebu City and taste the sweet crepes!

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