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My laptop's LCD is currently having some issues, for some unknown reasons, it's just totally black. I can remotely access it which proves that it is still perfectly working however, the screen isn't promising. The problem started last week when I noticed that the screen's color was light red when I turned it on from a sleep mode. At first, I just disregarded it since it cleared out after a while. Then I noticed it starts flickering. I turned it off, thinking that the tablet T2100 (my laptop model name) may be undergoing some stress. When I turned it back on after a couple of hours, the same problem persists. I started panicking, I started thinking this might be the end of it's life after rendering her service for three years. Then the worse thing came up, it stopped working. It doesn't have any signs of a picture of anything on the screen. Good thing I was able to install the logmein app on it. It's a free app which can let you remotely access your pc. I will talk about it on the next post.

There were two things I had in mind, either to purchase a separate LED monitor or to have it fixed which may end up replacing her screen. But it took me four days to finally bring it to a technician because of the fact that I was also busy and I am still canvassing for a cheaper repair fee. My brother's laptop has an issue too so I brought it along with me.

I ended up going to Emall (Elizabeth Mall) in Sanciangko street. I went to this small corner where a lot of laptops and monitors are located. I learned that their group is called Startech.

I also met Bhong, as what he was called and let him check my tablet. Weird but surprisingly, my tablet didn't show any problem when he checked it. It was over 30 minutes and the screen was still on and was working pretty good. I was astonished! Funny but true so I just kept it back and let Bhong check my brother's dell laptop which won't boot to windows but we can get into the bios setup. Dell had diagnosed it but unfortunately, due to some water damage, the warranty was void.

Bhong informed me that the problem is with the hard disk, so he need to take it out and use a working hard disk to isolate the case, I agreed and with that, I need to pay him Php 350. When he took the hard disk out, he tested if it is still working so he plugged it to a CDR-king HD reader and surprise, it was functional. The files were still intact as well as the OS so this shouldn't be a problem with the hard disk. It was almost an hour of trial and error and then the moment we were waiting for, it turned on and it was able to boot to windows at last. The actual culprit was the DVD ROM. He changed it to a new one, an ACER type (Php 1800) and also  continued with re-installing windows Ultimate (Php 1000). All in all, I paid Php 3150 for the repair. Cheaper than what Dell would have charge us which as per the technician, would start at Php 6000 excluding the charge for any hardware part replacement.
that's Bhong right there!
I am satisfied with the repair because it only took an hour for him to check what was wrong and the fact that I could see what he is doing with the device was an assurance that nothing was taken out from it which I was not informed of. The repair price is just right for my budget and that the technician was also accommodating in the first place.

More photos of the shop:

I could say that I can recommend this tech shop for my friends and relatives.

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