How Hard is it to Give?

photo by Bar Fabella
It's 67 days before Christmas and because it has been known as the season for giving, children are seen asking for money after singing Christmas carols in the streets or inside jeepneys. Actually, they are already present as early as September, Filipinos has the longest Christmas season in the world. In the cities like Cebu city, this has been a trend and has been a headache for most commuters.

Some would give but majority of the passengers will just ignore them. This is because there teenagers who are taking advantage of this act. Eversince before, each single time that I would give a peso or two to these street children, somebody from among the passangers would negatively react.

Earlier today, I went to the office for some urgent matter. When the PUV stopped  at the red light, a half naked skinny boy about seven or eight years of age, came over and sung a tagalog christmas song. I was just near the entrance of the vehicle so it was easy for me to give a peso. Just as soon as the boy disappeared, a woman of her thirties sarcastically commented about the act.

She said, "Dili dapat hatagan ng mga in ana nga bata kay ila ra na isugal." (We should not give to those children because they will just use the money for gambling.)

She was just sitting next to me but she was facing her daughter. I know for a fact that it was intended for me but I didn’t care. It was just a small amount, I wonder why it was a big deal for her. The problem with these people is that they complain a lot though they never really give anything. And how could she be so judgemental? I know there have been children seen gambling using the money they earned from carolling but we can't say all of them are doing the same thing. It might be that his parents can’t really provide food for them and that’s his only means of helping the family.

My point is that it’s our discretion to give to those children, I know there is a law about it but what can I do if my heart tells me to give then?

The keyword I guess for this is respect. Respect and that’s it.

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