Old West Cowboy Experience at Garden Cafe

One of the restaurants I would love to visit in Tagbilaran City is Garden Cafe because of it's uniqueness. My first and last visit was when I was still in grade school, my cousin in law brought me there and I couldn't forget the experience. Reason? Because they have mute and deaf waitresses and crews which made the place the most silent restaurant I had been to ever.

Glad James and I came to the restaurant accidentally last week before we went back to Cebu. It was nine in the evening, while we were roaming around Tagbilaran City, we accidentally passed along the said resto. I hopped in happiness because I had been longing to get there. Though our ship's departure time was at 10pm, we still went in and ordered our meals. Unfortunately, we were not able to take photographs of our orders which we just took out because we were running out of time already and the camera had ran out of battery also, BOOO! BTW, I ordered Aloha Burger, it has beef patty with pineapple for Php 65, really good! James had his B roasted Chicken Meal for Php 110 and a Mango Pie for Php 35.

And while our order was taken cared of, we took advantage of the very little time taking photographs of the place. Garden Cafe is an old west cowboy restaurant and museum at the same time so most of the decorations are about cowboys and vintage stuff.

Outside view. There's a hand carved wooden horse outside near the Old West Bakery where one can also take their meals. The area is really cozy.

Here's the tables in the first floor where most customers would eat their meals. There are plenty of paintings and photo frames hand on the walls.

Stairs used to go to the second floor where most cowboy stuffs are located. There's a separate counter in the second floor also. And, a real horse saddle where customers can ride on.

They also has a huge wall frame with cowboy stuffs like horseshoes and cowboy boots.

Deers are hang at their ceilings also, this is like the most common look at the second floor. I like the light lamps also.

For more photos of the restaurant, go to my photo blog. Click here!

Here's a short history of the restaurant found in their menu:
In 1984, the Bohol Foundation for the Deaf and Disabled, Inc. opened the Garden Cafe as a small snack center made of bamboo with 7 deaf employees. It was established to provide training and employment for the deaf. The Bohol Provincial Government provided the lot as their counterpart.

The Garden Cafe has undergone many transformations from a BBQ stand, donut shop, and pizza parlor, to what you see today.

We Currently employ 26 Deaf and 11 Hearing persons and provide training for high school deaf students.

We strive too have delicious and unique foods at affordable prices, serve in a great environment by courteous staff.
Since most of their crews are deaf, they also had added some simple sign language that customers can use to communicate with the waitresses but of course, they can read and write English.

If you want to experience a little piece of USA in Bohol, visit Garden Cafe now, it is located in JS Torralba St., Tagbilaran City, Bohol, just right beside the famous St. Joseph Cathedral.  You'll definitely experience a whole lot different world with perfectly good food.

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