Colgate Plax: Going Gaga over Gargling

Fact: 80% of germs are actually not on your teeth.
I can't imagine this but reality bites. I become paranoid when it comes to my breath. I am conscious about it and that's why I wouldn't last a day with an incomplete oral hygiene, this includes 2-3 times brushing of teeth and of course, gargling. I do it with salt water as well as with an antiseptic mouthwash, I used to gargle twice or three times a day too because also of the my work nature where I have to speak all night long. This results to buying more and more bottles per month.

But thanks to this new Colgate Plax, I won't have to spend more amount for gargling because one gargle is definitely enough with its powerful antibacterial mouth rinse. Less "gastos"  with a fresh breath that lasts up to 12 hours and helps prevent gingivitis build up because it kills those germs that are hard to reach with merely brushing. And the most important thing, it is recommended by the Philippine Dental Association Council of Dental Product. 

So to my friends out there who are just like me, grab a Colgate Plax now and never worry with your breath anymore. Whether you're just talking with your crush or getting that first kiss, fresh breath with Colgate Plax will never let you down.

And just for fun, Colgate had come up with a very funny Gloo Gloo application which can simulate the gargling action. All you have to do is to upload a photo of yourself at the Colgate Plax website, define areas for gargling and share it to your friends. This was really cool and I had uploaded my photo of course while laughing the whole time.

This was how I did mine:

Lol... This was taken during my brother's wedding reception where I wish I could gargle for a second after the eating session.

this is the funny part, you can define six areas on the picture where the gargling animation takes place.

And then my stomach hurt when I viewed my animation, you will also do for sure! Don't forget to open your speakers so you can hear the gargle's audio effects.
Save more while having an even fresher, cleaner and healthier mouth with Colgate Plax!

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